Zara Tower: rooms designed for you

Design is part of Zara Tower's DNA.
Every interior design decision is guided by the key principles

Designed for you

Zara's rooms are divided into two distinct and unique design styles: Soho and Luxe.

Every room has designed with comfort and convenience in a luxurious, yet functional environment.

Zara Tower has meticulously planned and designed every hotel room with an emphasis on space, texture and light to help our guests feel at home with beautiful surroundings.

While both SoHo and Luxe have been inspired by design themes of space, texture and light, they are defined by their own interior design styles.

SoHo style apartments have been created with a New York warehouse vibe, with large living areas to entertain, work or relax in a warm home environment.

SoHo apartments are spacious, and are influenced by industrial warehouse design and bohemian flair, featuring earthy textures and soft lighting to give you a comfortable and serene experience.

These suites are defined by high ceilings, a lofty warehouse sense of space, polished concrete floors, luxury textures including leather couches, Egyptian cotton, quality hardwood finishes and stainless steel appliances.

While our Luxe apartments also provide a homely, comfortable setting, they were designed with a focus on natural light and modern simplicity, creating an attractive and functional apartment space.

Luxe apartments perfectly blend contemporary and classic design, and feature sleek lines, fresh colour palette and spacious living areas to help you relax and unwind.

With airy and bright living rooms leading out to a large balcony, these apartments give our guests a clean, crisp and fresh space with plenty of natural light.

Zara Tower is not just a boutique hotel with a room and a bed, it is an experience created
by lovers of design, helping inspire our guests in beautiful surroundings.

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