The 9 Best Greek Restaurants in Sydney

Greek cuisine has a long history, dating back over 4000 years to Ancient Greece. The principle ingredients at that time were wheat, olive oil, and wine, and those ingredients have remained staples of Greek food into the modern era. Although fish was originally used much more often than meat in ancient times, meat has become more common as technology developed to make it more readily available. Those primary ingredients are joined by spices such as oregano, onion, garlic, dill, and bay leaves combined with exotic cheeses such as kasseri, kefalotyri, and feta to give Greek cuisine a flavour profile that sets it apart.

Throughout the millennia, Greek people have interacted with many other cultures, from Ancient Rome to Europe, all the way to modern-day Australia. During that time, their food has influenced, and been influenced by, the people it came into contact with. Although the food has evolved, it’s still a unique culinary experience at its core, even amongst other Mediterranean cuisines.

Sydney has no shortage of great Greek restaurants for you to visit and enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean right here in Australia. In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the local favourites.

AhgoraPhoto :Ahgora


In Ancient Greece, an ahgora was a meeting place where people could gather to enjoy one another’s company. As a restaurant and wine bar, Aghora seeks to bring that atmosphere to Australia. In its walls, you’ll find a relaxed fine dining atmosphere where you’ll love to meet up to share food, drinks, and conversation. The food brings a modern twist to traditional Greek and Mediterranean classics.

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Georges Mediterranean Bar and GrillPhoto :Georges Mediterranean Bar and Grill

Georges Mediterranean Bar and Grill

Being on the waterfront makes the use of fresh seafood at Georges a given, but the owners pride themselves on bringing in everything else fresh as well. Greek cuisine has its roots from when people grew their own produce at home, and the staff at Georges believes that fresh ingredients are a huge part of what makes Greek food so great. You’ll also find the highest quality meat, such as Ambassador Lamb.

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Medusa Greek Meze

In Greek, meze means appetiser, and Greek cuisine features a mouth-watering array of meze that will make you forget all about the main course. Medusa brings this tradition of sharing appetisers with friends and family to a relaxed and inviting location in Sydney. Of course, it doesn’t stop at appetisers. You’ll have your choice of delicious entrees for lunch and dinner, including souvlaki and gyros. If you are up and about early, Medusa also serves breakfast.

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Alpha Restaurant

Greeks are famous for their hospitality and generosity as they gather to share feasts. It is that mood that Alpha Restaurant hopes to provide for you when you step inside its doors. The restaurant features a mixture of traditional and modern Greek cuisine and a wood-fired oven to add that extra bit of character and flavour. The atmosphere is not lacking at Alpha either, as the establishment is located inside a historic Victorian-era building.

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Diethnes Greek Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

Not only does Diethnes feature authentic traditional Greek cuisine, with original recipes that have been continuously honed since the family restaurant opened in 1952, but it also provides you with an authentic Greek atmosphere. To step inside Diethnes is to feel as though you’ve just stepped into a seaside restaurant in Greece. Besides great authentic food, you can round out your evening with a selection from their extensive Greek wine list.

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ApolloThe_3-720x480Photo : Smudge Eats

The Apollo

Award-winning chef Jonathan Barthelmess has brought his unique mixture of contemporary and traditional Mediterranean cooking to The Apollo. The restaurant has a minimalist, rustic design that provides an old-world flavour to create a unique ambience for your meal. Once there, you’ll have your choice of banquette or outdoor seating. Alternatively, you can book the semi-private chef’s table, which will provide you with the feeling of setting around a family dining table.

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Subterranean Greek Bar and Grill

The open kitchen with visible flames will make your meal at this Greek tavern style casual dining restaurant a memorable experience. The underground restaurant is located on the lower ground floor of the GPO building, right in the heart of Sydney. The bar and grill is frequently a finalist for the Best Greek Restaurant in Sydney award and can host private functions for up to 120 people.

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Seed Greek Kousina

This family-owned restaurant makes great food its calling card. Using only the freshest ingredients paired with award-winning Greek wines, their cuisine keeps customers coming through the doors. The charming and rustic environment will make sure that your eyes are just as pleased as your taste buds. The restaurant also features a private room upstairs that can accommodate up to 50 people for birthday or holiday parties as well as corporate functions.

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Sofies greek                                                                                              Photo :

Sofie’s Greek Restaurant & Meze Bar

Perhaps the most famous (or infamous) aspect of Greek dining culture is the tradition of smashing plates. Although they may not enjoy it too much if you smash their plates, Sofie’s does feature smashed plates from Greek restaurants around the world as part of their decor. They pride themselves on providing perfect accommodations regardless of whether you are looking for a romantic dinner for two or a corporate night out. 

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This list could have been longer — Sydney is a thriving city with many great Greek restaurants to choose from, along with plenty from other culinary styles. The waterfront location makes it an excellent location for fish-heavy cuisines such as Greek, and for travellers seeking to take a break with the backdrop of beautiful scenery.

To get a great view of our beautiful harbour every day of your stay, be sure to book accommodations right near there and in the city’s heart, convenient to all the fine restaurants mentioned here, and many more. To learn more about how Zara Tower can fulfil those requirements for you, feel free to contact us at any time. We can’t wait to help make your stay in Sydney a memorable one!