The 9 Best Korean Restaurants in Sydney

Since ancient times, Koreans have believed that food and medicine work together, that medicine should be tried only after food has failed. This focus on the nutritional benefits of food may be why Korea’s most famous dish, kimchi, was named one of the five healthiest foods on Earth by the US-based Health Magazine.

Fermentation plays a huge role in traditional Korean food, with the process taking anywhere from a few months to a few years. Some of the staples of Korean fermented foods include soybean paste and soy sauce, chilli paste, and salted seafood. The latter is often an ingredient in kimchi.

Rice, served with almost every meal, forms the backbone of Korean cuisine, although occasionally it will be replaced with noodles. Other key ingredients include sesame oil, chilli pepper, garlic, ginger, and scallions. This gives Korean food a bold and savoury flavour.

Korean food is usually served with everything cut into bite sizes pieces so it does not require a knife to eat. The meat is often marinated at length to make it especially tender.

Sydney MadangPhoto : Sydney Madang

Sydney Madang

Known by locals for consistently serving good Korean food at a fair price, Sydney Madang is certainly a favourite among the natives. It is a traditional Korean BBQ, so the meats are grilled right there at your table. For those who have never experienced a Korean BBQ, it can be quite a thrill seeing the preparation of your meal become part of your evening’s entertainment. On the menu, you’ll find everything from high-end barbecue to noodle dishes. The atmosphere at Sydney Madang is casual and laid back.

More information Basax KoreanPhoto :

Basax Korean Chicken & Dining

Fried chicken and beer might not be what first comes to mind when you think of Korean cuisine, but Basax Korean Chicken & Dining might just change your mind. Korean fried chicken comes in a variety of flavours, the most popular being spicy and sweet, as well as garlic. The food here is excellent, and yes, you can order more traditional Korean fare as well as the fried chicken. The gold and black interior is both elegant and friendly, and the atmosphere is casual.

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The owners of this restaurant do a great job of merging the Korean BBQ experience with fine dining. When you dine at Danjee, you’ll find an upscale environment with upmarket Korean dishes to match. Round out your evening with a selection of craft beers and excellent wines.  Enjoy their dedicated Korean BBQ area and dine on foods made from only the freshest ingredients. 

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SangPhoto :Sáng by Mabasa

Sáng by Mabasa

Sáng is a successor to Mabasa, which was another popular Korean restaurant. Sáng features fine wares and plenty of beautiful objects enhancing the decor. The goal of the owners is to provide authentic Korean flavours in a contemporary setting. Speaking of flavours, your mouth will find the taste of the food at Sáng just as delightful as your eyes find the decorations. Despite the attention to detail, both in the food and in the decor, Sáng is a casual, everyday eating kind of restaurant that you’ll want to keep coming back to.

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Paper Bird

Like our previous entry, Paper Bird is also a sequel of sorts. The team behind the Moon Park Korean restaurant are responsible for Paper Bird. The new restaurant, unlike the other entries on this list, moves beyond just Korean food and features cuisine from other East Asian countries. You can still get some of your favourite Korean foods, but you’ll also find Japanese and Chinese dishes on the menu.

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Smokkim Korean BBQ

The Asian Fusion menu at Smokkim Korean BBQ was designed to bring together exotic flavour profiles that will take your taste buds on a journey to Asia, even as your body stays in Australia. Like all Korean BBQs, your food will be prepared right in front of you, providing an amazing experience that will help guide you on that sensory journey. The restaurant features food made in the Korean culinary style combined with the most flavourful and savoury spices from the whole of Asia. 

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Sparrows Mill Korean Restaurant

Sparrows Mill is dedicated to providing you with great food using fresh ingredients and a love of cooking. The restaurant offers Korean fried chicken, with well over a dozen flavour options for you to choose from. Also on the menu are the traditional Korean dishes that you love, featuring premium cuts of beef and fresh seafood, all exquisitely seasoned, crafted with passion and made fresh to order.

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Dae Jang Kum                                                                                              Photo :Dae Jang Kum

Dae Jang Kum

Dae Jang Kum features Korean BBQ as well as many other favourite Korean dishes. In fact, as their website boasts, they have over 150 meals for you to choose from. You will no doubt be able to find something you like with the large menu on offer at Dae Jang Kum. Located at the entrance of China Town, the goal of the owners is to provide you with an ambience, decor, and flavour that encapsulates Korea in a way you’ve never quite experienced before.

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678 Korean BBQ Restaurant

The 678 Korean BBQ Restaurant is operated by Kang Ho-dong Baekjeong, a restaurant franchise with global reach. Their goal is to introduce unique Korean dishes to the world. Combining only the most premium cuts of meat, a traditional Korean setting, and a passion for food that you’ll feel radiating out of every aspect of the business, 678 is a great choice to satisfy your cravings for Korean food.

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Korean food is known for being intense, spicy, savoury, and full of character. We want your stay in Sydney to be the same. If you contact us for accommodation, you’ll be lodging in the heart of Sydney, with a view of the famous Sydney Harbour, and within a stone’s throw of these and other restaurants. Where you choose to stay becomes the base of operations for your trip, and we are confident that we’ll provide the location, service, and amenities to make your trip a memorable one.